Chelsea is a self-identified woman who transitioned at the age of 51. She talks about her life before transition and the process of becoming herself.

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  1. Great Story! Thank you for sharing Chelsea 🙂 Why is it Uncategorized? Just wondering why there isn’t a Transgender category?
    Can we change this? Thank you.

  2. Hey Tryce, I’m glad you like Chelsea’s story. All the stories are “uncategorized” but they all have multiple ‘tags’. There is a Trans tag and Chelsea’s story is tagged as Trans.

  3. Yep, I see it. Awesome Thanks!

  4. Chelsea is articulate and beautiful. I love her story and feel that in some ways it is close to my daughter’s, although she is but 16 and has only been transitioning for a year. Thank you for sharing, Chelsea. Your story and all on this site are very helpful to a parent who is trying to find resources and information and reference points. Thanks to Lulu for facilitating too.

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