About Us

Queer stories from a queer positive perspective. 
Onmyplanet.ca wants to show the world just how incredibly diverse and fabulous the LGBQT2I+ communities really are – one story at a time. Sharing our stories is a whole lot of positive re-enforcement for other queer and trans identified folks all over the world. It allows others to experience bits of our worlds from our own perspectives. Nurturing this kind of familiarity and understanding is proven to reduce the incidence of violence and discrimination outside our communities, and self-harm and internalized homo and transphobias within. Our hope is that knowing there are others out there just like us, will help to boost our collective sense of pride and self-respect.

The Official Line:
Onmyplanet.ca strives to celebrate, through personal and political her/hir/thir/his/stories, the diversity within LGBQT2I+ communities, to build understanding, reduce negative stereotyping, and affirm the positive interaction of all communities. Established in 2011, onmyplanet.ca is home to The Queer Story Archive, the Allyship Workshop Materials (GenderAlly.ca and Generational Allies) and local Resource listings.

Our Story
Onmyplanet.ca started out as a documentary video project about the community organization Creating Connections in Victoria, BC.. Creating Connections was an inclusive LGBQT2I+ social/support group run out of AVI’s Gay Men’s Wellness program. In the beginning, a portion of each meeting was ear marked for members of the queer and trans communities to speak to the group about their life experiences. Onmyplanet.ca began documenting the people who spoke at the meetings some time in 2009 and the website was launched in October of 2011.

So far there are no price tags, no money walls (although we gratefully accept donations) and the whole site is accessible 24-7. This includes GenderAlly.ca – our first series of small group workshops developed for trans, Two-Spirit and gender non-conforming inclusion.(Launched 2018)
This will also include Generational Allies – A series of LGBQT2I+ Allyship workshops for older folks. (In Progress, estimated completion March of 2022)

We at onmyplanet.ca hope that the site and the educational materials will become a valuable resource for anyone seeking to better their knowledge of the LGBQT2I+ communities. Please share this site with everyone you know – not just the ones that need an education.
Thank you.

Things to know about onmyplanet.ca:

• From its inception, Onmyplanet.ca has consistently engaged with local community organizations across Canada to record stories and raise awareness. We encourage you to contact us if you would like to host a video story recording session in your community.

• This site is a private initiative and receives no public funding. Donations and sponsorships from individuals and community organizations are graciously accepted to offset the hard costs of travel, producing the story videos and web maintenance. What is not covered by community support comes out of pocket.

• If you are using the videos at onmyplanet.ca in an institutional capacity such as in a school or for a funded community organization – please make a donation commensurate with a similar video rental rate.

• Onmyplanet.ca is not incorporated as a non-profit but for the most part functions as one. The website was created and is maintained by Lulu Laru an independent video-maker and editor. Please feel free to contact her through the contact form.

• Onmyplanet.ca is not an academic research project. The videos recorded for the site are not the result of an interview process, nor are they a means to an end. Rather, each participant prepares their own story independently of onmyplanet.ca and the end result is the publication of the video at onmyplanet.ca. Some stories may be used in the development of our education workshops materials. Onmyplanet.ca does not interpret the participants’ stories. All participants are expressing their own viewpoints.