Module 5

Module 5 focuses on 4 people:
Patty, a 62 year old, Gender Fluid, Polyamorous, Bi/Pansexual in Victoria, BC
Michael, a 71 year old, Gay Man, Nanaimo, BC
Marjorie, a 75 year old Metis, Two-Spirit, in Duck Lake, SK
Jude, an 81 year old, Queer, Trans Man, in Yuba City, CA (USA)

Themes mentioned in Videos::
Coming out (repeatedly), dress codes, coming out later in life, discrimination in the military, mental health, security in heteronormativity, lack of opportunity due to gender expression discrimination, discrimination in 70s and 80s: Employment, housing, social isolation. Polyamory, protective closeting, discrimination / punishment from family, balancing inequity in hiring practices, creating Two-Spirit gatherings separate from more colonial and gendered practices, the roles of Two-Spirit people, sexual health education and counselling, gender roles, trans gender roles between the binary roles, hiding in plain sight, freedom in not being judged, being able to be “yourself”, intergenerational exchange, chosen family, family acceptance, loss of lesbian community on FTM transition, butch/femme, self-acceptance, finding community, finding gay/lesbian bars, gay bashing, activism, creating community supports, trans education, Two-Spirit education, finding Indigenous space for Two-Spirit, misogyny vs: homophobia, Intersectionality, abuse of power, power relations.

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