Module 4

Module 4 focuses on 4 people:
Anthony, a 56 year old, Cree, Two-Spirit, in Vancouver, BC
James, a 63 year old, Heterosexual, Trans man in Victoria, BC
Wendy, a 69 year old Jewish, lesbian feminist, cis woman in Salt Spring Island,BC
Velvet, a 56 year old, Woman with a transexual history, in Vancouver, BC.

Themes mentioned in Videos::
Bullying, coming out, feminism, social justice, gender expression, sexual expression, 60s Scoop – fostering adoption experience, religious expectations, separation from traditional family and expectations, community support, chosen family, peer support, domination and fetish service work, self-validation, ‘red neck’ attitudes in 1980s Western Canada,, possible harm, and abusive experiences from bigotry, trans anatomy expectations and personal boundaries, allies, allyship practices, Indigenous education, Two-Spirit education, colonialism, understanding of rejection and abandonment, political importance of coming out, discrimination, racism, power disparity, fighting back, discrimination’s influence on personality development, Human Rights Tribunal case, grassroots community building, activism, speaking out, mentoring, trans health care pioneers and access issues, internalized homophobia and transphobia, allies for others in the rainbow community, changing approach to activism, questioning own sexuality, sexual diversity, characteristics of new allies, building trust, immigration and same sex marriage, trust and reassurance of legal support.

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