Module 3

Module 3 focuses on 4 people:
Mark, a 61 year old, White, gay, cis male in Vancouver, BC
Lisa, a 71 year old, trans woman in Vancouver, BC
barbara, a 72 year old White, lesbian feminist, cis woman in Vancouver,BC
Michael, a 76 year old, queer, trans man, in Courtenay, BC

Themes mentioned in Videos::
Learning and creating language for gay and transgender issues in first (non-English) language, coming out late in life, coming out when homosexuality was illegal and considered a psychiatric condition (pre-1979).
Attitudes toward LGBTQIA+ people in the 60s and 70s. Keeping professional and political/personal life separate, bringing professional and personal lives together.
Religious practices and attitudes, no positive recognition, or role models of gay or trans people.
Negotiating life after transition, finding support, coping with aging issues, polyamory, negotiating family of origin in relation to chosen family.
Identifying discrimination early in life, learning to separate Sex, Gender, Sexual Expression and Sexual Orientation.
Identifying and navigating internalized homophobia and transphobia, the depth and significance of gender-phobia.
Individualism, the functions of oppression and privilege and their relationship to allyship practices.
Allyship in organizing events, support for gender challenging activities, thoughts around misgendering.
Day to day allyship, historical and current interracial relationships.
Lived experience of historical events, meaning of history for younger generations.
The characteristics of Allies, Unlearning Oppression workshops

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