Module 2

Module 2 focuses on 4 people:
Richard, a 58 year old, Two-Spirit, gay, cis male from the Moose Hills Territory, Treaty 6. Mixed Blood Cree, Metis with Indian Status.
Danna, a 65 year old lesbian, trans Woman in Victoria, BC
Tien, a 53 year old bigender, trans Man in Vancouver,BC
Sheila, a 70 year old, butch, queer, feminist in Vancouver, BC

Themes mentioned in Videos::
Coming out; in a remote location, from a Catholic perspective, coming out trans.
Being institutionalized for being lesbian, mention of conversion therapy and shock treatment.
South East Asian gender expression, original family relationships.
Feminist community building, art exhibit Still Sane, being misgendered.
Developing a Two-Spirit cultural identity, Two-Spirit community building, being ‘so gay’.
Resilience in the face of cultural differences and discrimination.
Allyship, everyday activism.

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Module 2 Video 1

Module 2 Video 2

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