Module 1

Module 1 focuses on four people:

Cyndia, a 71 year old lesbian feminist, pacifist, and Buddhist
Bobbi, a 58 year old lesbian, trans woman
Chase, a 64 year old Nehiyo/Cree, trans man from Sucker Creek, Saddle Lake Cree Nation
Dale, a 74 year old gay man originally from New Brunswick.


Coming out, Harm of self denial, Power of self acceptance.
Historical limitation of binary gender choices in transition, lack of positive trans role models.
Indigenous adoption, Effects of colonization – transphobia, homophobia, Racism, Sexism.
Tolerance vs; Acceptance vs: Celebration of queer and trans folks.
Activism, Discrimination of PWAs in health care, Homophobia in the workplace, Chosen family relationships, Allyship, Overcoming unconscious bias.
Building community, Unconditional love, empowerment of Community

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