GA – Warren

Warren’s Story – Synopsis
Warren is a Two-Spirit gay man from Ontario. He is the youngest in his family and the only one of 9 children not to be sent to residential school. He talks about growing up with his mother and grandmother with the language, stories and culture of his Ojibwe tradition, of coming to Toronto and losing himself to the ‘fast ways of the city’ and eventually returning to traditional Two-Spirit ways to regain balance. Warren is now a Two-Spirit activist and advocate for a number of community, health and Indigenous organizations. Warren’s Story is included in the following themes: Two-Spirit Stories | Human Rights/Advocacy |Spiritual Beliefs and Religion

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes)
Losing Family To Residential School, Losing Himself In The Big City (Mention Of Drugs And Alcohol), Two-Spirit Roles In Traditional Ojibwe Culture, Healing Imbalance, Reviving Indigenous Culture And Language, Working In Harmony With Creation, Connection To Community.

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