GA – Lily Part 03

Lily’s Story Part 03 – Synopsis:
Lily describes her visit to her home country of Bangladesh. She talks about her apprehension and fears about travelling, about passing as cis-gender and the reception on the other side. She was pleasantly surprised at the level of acceptance and the lack of any hostility toward her even when introduced to a new family (in-law) at a cousin’s wedding. The trip had a positive effect on Lily’s mental state and calmed her fear of being rejected in her own country and communities. In the additional clip, Lily talks about being demi-sexual which is on the asexual spectrum.

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes)
“Passing Privilege”, Family Expectations, Social/Societal Expectations, Kids’ Reactions, Fear Of Rejection, Additional Clip: Demi-Sexual, Asexual Spectrum

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Lily’s Story is included in the following themes: Transition

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