GA – Lily Part 01

Lily’s Story Part 01 – Synopsis:
Lily talks about becoming aware of her gender at an early age and receiving negative attention around it. From this experience she learned to suppress her feelings, which in turn caused her to keep “emotional distance” from family and friends. Lily developed (self- acknowledged) transphobia and spent a lot of time researching trans women only to con rm to herself that she was not “like them”. Lily creates a fun and relatively safe situation to explore her “real self” and eventually comes out (again) to her brother, her parents and gradually to the people around her. Lily goes to her rst Pride celebration and discovers people like herself for the rst time — describing them as the warriors that are changing the world for the better. Lily is also dealing with immigration issues and we see at the end of the story how this could impact Lily’s life. Lily’s Story Part 1 is included in the following Themes: Transition Stories

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes)
Self-acknowledgement, (Internalized) Transphobia, Coming Out or Not, Creating Space For Self / Gender
Exploration, Immigration.

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