GA – Kori

Kori’s Story – Synopsis:
Kori is an activist and advocate for trans and queer rights. They were instrumental in creating the All Bodies Swim in Victoria, BC which was eventually co- opted by the city of Vancouver. Kori now lives with their partner in the Slocan Valley and teaches online workshops on community building and trans resiliency. Kori is also engaged in lobbying for removing gender markers from all provincial and federal identi cation. Kori and their new baby were recently in the news when Kori requested that baby’s birth certi cate have no gender marker, or an “undetermined” status. Kori’s Story is included in the following themes: Human Rights/Advocacy | Gender Non-Conforming | Transition

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes)
Acknowledgement of Indigenous Traditional Territories, ‘Living the Dream’, Community Education and Organizing, Urban Queer Enclaves, Resilience Building, Creating Affirming Environment, Changing The Scripts, Transition, Restrictions of Binary, Identification for all Genders.

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