GA – Jack

Jack’s Story – Synopsis:
Jack describes his experience as a young, Two-Spirit, transgender, gay man. His First Nations background adds layers of cultural and racial complexity to the navigation of his gender expression and sexual orientation. In addition to being bullied from a very young age, a signi cant factor in Jack’s teenage life was the lack of visible role models. This contributed to his extreme feelings of isolation that led him to attempt suicide. Although Jack’s family initially tried to encourage him to conform to traditional gender roles, once Jack was able to communicate with his family about the issues he was facing they became very supportive of him in his gender expression, his transition and his activism. Jack now sits on a number of Provincial and National Advisory Boards and is a public advocate for Indigenous rights, Two-Spirit and LGBQT2 rights, and mental health issues. Jack’s Story is included in the following Themes: Two-Spirit Stories |┬áHuman Rights/Advocacy |Transition

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes):
Isolation, Bullying, Mental Health, Suicide, Family’s Reactions and Support

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