GA – Harlan

Harlan’s Story – Synopsis: 
Harlan struggled with being gay and Indigenous until he became aware of pre-settler, traditional Two-Spirit roles within his Cree culture. He cites being Indigenous and being gay – the two things that he struggled with the most – as the two things that he has built his life and career around, once he was able to reconcile them. He describes the purpose of the term Two-Spirit as an organizational tool rather than a sexual orientation or gender identity. Harlan is an avid Two-Spirit activist and advocate. As of 2017, he is doing a PhD at UBC in Two-Spirit research. There are two additional clips from Harlan, the first defines the term Two-Spirit, and the second advises Two-Spirit youth to seek out the traditional teachings within their own Nation and to see past any potential negative responses they may encounter. Harlan’s Story is included in the following themes: Two-Spirit Stories | Human Rights/Advocacy

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes): Social Expectations, Traditional Two-Spirit roles in Indigenous Cultures, ‘Coming In’, Racism and Homophobia within Indigenous Cultures, Reconciling being Two-Spirit Within Indigenous and Settler Cultures, Two-Spirit Activism.

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