GA – Chase Part 02

Chase’s Story Part 02 – Synopsis: 
Chase has transitioned and laughs about his emphatic pronouncement about being good with his previous physicality. He talks about coming out to his (women’s) hockey team and getting incredible support both personally and politically. Chase is heading up a number of human rights advocacy efforts in the Yukon Territory, establishing many firsts for Trans people. He was recently involved in the successful lobbying of the Yukon Territorial Government to include Gender Identity and Expression in the Yukon Human Rights Code. Chase’s Story, Part 2 is included in the following Themes: Transition | Human Rights/Advocacy

There is an additional clip of Chase talking about returning to a smaller community where he worked previous to his transition, to do a presentation on LGBQT2 issues.

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes)
Gender Assignment, Transition Journey, Advocacy, Trans Inclusive Policy, Fear Of Losing Community/Not Finding A Partner, Public Transition, “Being Visible And Safe”, Activism Through Training, Programming And Storytelling.

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