GA – Ariya

Ariya’s Story – Synopsis:
Ariya is an Indigenous trans woman. She talks in a direct, advice-giving way to queer and trans youth about her experience of coming to accept her gender identity and beginning to transition. She notes that if she had to do it again that she might not spend quite so much time trying to find acceptance from her family and would focus more on the more positive and supportive people in her life. Ariya’s Story is included in the following themes: Transition | Two-Spirit Stories | Spiritual Beliefs and Religion

Talking Points/Content Warnings (Themes):
“Coming To”, Suppressing (Early) Effeminate Behavior, Indigenous Heritage, Negative Information About ‘Gay’, Acknowledged by Only One Person in Her Family, Addictions, Family Violence, Sexual Violence, Generational Trauma, Letting Go of Family Expectations, Focusing On More Positive and Supportive Relationships.

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