GA – Anna 01

Anna’s Story – Synopsis:
Anna was in the middle of a very heteronormative existence when they performed a “pants” role for the first time with the opera company they worked with. Anna mentions self-harming practices and contemplating suicide before they were able to reconcile with their gender expression and sexual orientation. The act of dressing as a man prompted them to question everything in their life and uprooted all expectations. Anna compares their heterosexual marriage to their current queer relationship and position on the gender spectrum – and talks quite eloquently about the act of expressing and performing gender. Anna’s Story is included in the following themes: Gender Non-Conforming

Talking Points/Content Warnings/Themes:
Coming Out As Gender Non-Conforming/Transitioning, Negotiating Gender Expression, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harming Practices, Eating Disorder, “Butch/Femme” Roles, Heteronormative Expectations, Suppressing A Non-Binary Gender, The “Trouser Role” Incident, Performing Gender.

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