Work It Out – Online Workbook Survey is developing an online workbook to help reduce homophobia and transphobia. Work It Out will incorporate some of the video stories from The Queer Story Archive that is housed here at Plans for Work It Out include a free version that would be made available at

The information gathered through this survey will be used to assist in focusing our initial development of the workbook and applying for appropriate funding.

How many people in your immediate circles would you recommend this workbook to?

What is your relationship to the people you would recommend the workbook to? (Check all that apply)
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Who within the LGBTTIQQ2SA Communities do you feel is most important to educate the general public about? (Pick your top three from the pull down menus)

Another group that is not listed:

Which of the following topics do you feel are of the greatest need?
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Another issue that is not listed:

Please tell us a bit about yourself:

What age bracket are you in?
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Do you work in a social service organization (Health/Mental Health, Education, Trans/LGBTQ or HIV/AIDS Services) ?

If you answered yes to the previous question please tell us what area you work in:

Are you a member of the LGBTTIQQ2SA Communities or are you an Ally?
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What organizations, websites, social media etc. do you think would make good partners for Work It Out? Why do you think they would make good partners? Please name the organizations and contact people if possible. Contact information would be awesome!!