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Lesbian News

Inspired by the long time editor of Lesbian News, Barbara McLauchlin, whose onmyplanet.ca video story is here, and courtesy of the stupendous personal library of Lahl, I have begun posting .pdf files from a few years of Lesbian News, Victoria’s Monthly Lesbian Feminist Newsletter – later named The Lavender Rhinoceros. I will periodically post more scanned / pdf issues of this local Victoria Lesbian Magazine.
This is the first issue of Lesbian News, Victoria’s Monthly Lesbian Feminist Newsletter, circa 1989, edited by Debby Gregory.

There are two versions below, Small is a 1 MB file and Full is 9.2 MB. These links will open the .pdf file in a new window of your browser, from there they are downloadable.

Lesbian_News_09_1989 Small 1MB
Lesbian_News_09_1989 Full 9MB


Nash tells the story of the Darling sisters, delightful bathing beauties that crash GAY Pride Parades. Nash talks about how they came to be and the joy they spread in the world. : )


Barb has a lot of herstory in her hometown.
She has been involved in the lesbian and gay community since she moved here in 1973.
Among her accomplishments is that she was one of the organizers of the very first Pride march in Victoria.
Barb recently published a book about the theatre community: Here We Go Again, An hysterical account of Canadian Theatre’s coming of age
Be sure to watch both parts of her video.