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Although Gavin’s physical transition was as positive as possible, the more subtle process of discovering himself was a little more challenging. Gavin talks about the process of his transition.

Gavin’s story is one of a series of stories collected at the Moving Trans* History Forward Symposium, put on by the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria in March of 2014. The MT*HF symposium graciously allowed onmyplanet.ca to record stories on site during the symposium.

Gavin will also be featured in The Transgender Project documentary produced by ichannel.


Since the recording of this story, Blodge (yes it’s a nic name) has transitioned and is now Chase, a “testosterone-based” individual. In this story, recorded in 2013, he tells an entertaining tale about his experience with gender expressions and stereotypes both in the town where he grew up in southern Ontario and in communities in the Yukon Territory. An updated story was recorded at the Moving Trans History Forward conference in 2016, and is available to view here.

Blodge’s story video is the first of a series of videos from Whitehorse, YT that were facilitated by the Yukon Queer Film Alliance with the generous support of Arts Fund Yukon. YQFA is responsible for OUT North, the first queer film festival north of 60. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yukon-Queer-Film-Alliance/369436306474933?fref=ts


Everett is a trans guy who talks about the complexities of gender expression and queerness, of power dynamics and discrimination, educating his original family and finding comfort in his chosen family.


Anna is an opera singer who recently decided
to only play ‘trouser roles’. Find out what that
means by watching her story.

My apologies for the poor audio quality – the super fine mic we had died on the day and we had to use the camera mic ; ( Hopefully you can still hear Anna and appreciate her story. We keep learning and getting better as we go.