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Vincent talks about negotiating a trans identity while growing up in northern Ontario – there was bullying and othering, depression and internalized transphobia and all the earmarks of discrimination from his Catholic school and peer group – but wait till he reveals to his traditional Italian Nona the real secret he’d been hiding… Vincent is now a trans activist and most recently has worked with the Police Service in Sudbury to produce a video on ways for the RCMP to support the trans folks they interact with: Creating Awareness and Understanding of the Transgender Community

Vincent’s story is one of a series of stories collected at the Moving Trans History Forward Symposium (MTHF), put on by the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria in March of 2016. The MTHF conference graciously allowed onmyplanet.ca to record stories on site during the conference.


Graham is a professional dancer and choreographer. He is a principal dancer in national and international works. Here he talks about growing up in a small western Canadian city, his relationship with his mom and his experiences as a gay man in the world of dance. Graham is currently the Head of Contemporary Dance at the School of Alberta Ballet.

Graham’s story is one in a series of videos recorded in conjunction with Out Saskatoon, in 2014. Heart felt thanks to the sponsors of this series: media-net.bc.ca in Victoria, BC and Out Saskatoon in Saskatoon, SK. Special thanks to Liz Senecal at Out Saskatoon.


Wes’s Story was recorded in November of 2014 in Saskatoon SK. at the Avenue Community Centre (Now OUT Saskatoon). It was with great sadness that I learned that Wes passed away on October 10th, 2015 in Edmonton, AB. Wes was a perpetually cheerful, glass half full (especially in a Star Trek outfit) kind of guy. He consistently produced his own writing (author of four books and a book of poetry), promoted fellow Saskatchewan Writers and literature through his Shaw Cable show ‘Lit Happens‘, and taught workshops on self-publishing and promotion – Wes will be sorely missed. Wes always found the good in people and situations, and never apologized for who he was or how flaming a creature he truly was. Rock on Wes. www.wesfunk.ca

Wes’s story is one in a series of videos that were recorded at OUT Saskatoon, in November of 2014. Heart felt thanks goes to the sponsors of this series: media-net.bc.ca in Victoria, BC and www.outsaskatoon.ca in Saskatoon, SK. Special thanks to Liz Senecal at OUT Saskatoon.


Originally from Australia Bradley’s been living like a true Canadian in Winnipeg for more than 20 years. Bradley went through the ringer trying to deny his sexual orientation at first and now he delivers some great advice for those who are just coming out.

Did you miss us? onmyplanet.ca is back after a 6 month hiatus with lots more stories and more issues of Lesbian News circa 1990s! Stay tuned, we have a number of stories coming up from World Pride in Toronto last year and a handful from Saskatoon SK.

Bradley’s story is one in a series recorded at World Pride in Toronto, Ontario in 2014. Heart felt thanks go to the sponsors of this series: www.medianetvictoria.org in Victoria, BC, www.trinitysquarevideo.com in Toronto and the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies – Lynch History Grant. Special thanks to Milada Kovacova at Trinity.