Welcome to the pilot program of The Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Non-Conforming Inclusion Project (T2SGNCIP).

If you use any of the workshops, between now and December 1st of 2017, please fill in one of our feedback forms and email it to:

Lulu at onmyplanet.ca

T2SGNCIP is a series of workshops based on some of the personal experience stories at onmyplanet.ca. The goal of the workshops is to build awareness and understanding of gender, sexuality and human rights issues to support trans, Two-Spirit, and gender non-conforming inclusion.

The workshops can be used on their own by community and interest groups or in a school setting, integrated with Grade 10-12 curriculum. We hope that the workshops are flexible enough to support the inexperienced and unfamiliar facilitators and simultaneously give the more experienced enough space to build their own session. There are a number of resources in the Preparing the Facilitator file to build confidence and familiarize those of all skill levels with the subject matter.
There are three introductory documents to get you started. Each link will open a PDF file in a new window. You can read them online or download them.

Start Here

First review the introductory documents. Be sure to do the Facilitator’s Self-Assessment in Preparing the Facilitator.

Preparing the Facilitator
How to Use the Materials

Each workshop segment includes a Facilitator’s Guide (downloaded from the story page), a main story video (approximately 5 Mins.) and sometimes an additional shorter video or two (1-2 Mins. each).

Next Step

Choose a Theme


Choose a Video Story by Name

All videos are meant to be viewed from the website.

In the final phase (by January 2018), there will also be a Glossary of Terms, a Resources List and an Activity List available to download from the links on this page.

We hope you find this resource helpful and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

T2SGNCIP was created through a partnership between Artemis Place and onmyplanet.ca with Financial support from The Victoria Foundation.

Additional Downloads:
Glossary of Terms
Resources List
Activities List