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To those of you that were on any of our mailing lists in the past, you may have received an email from WordPress, telling you that your password has been updated or providing you with information for your new account at
This is not junkmail… We are in the process of updating our mailing list and transferring those on the existing mailing lists into member accounts on the WordPress website. With this account you will receive an automatic email whenever a new post is put up at It will also allow you to leave comments on the posts when you’re signed in.
You can change these settings by signing in to (you can use the link in the account info email) and change the options for receiving email. When you receive the email, we recommend signing into to make sure your account is functioning and to change any desired settings or your password.
If you have any problems with this please contact me at Lulu at
Thank you for your continued interest in the stories and resources at

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xoxo Lulu

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