Our Christmas story this year is Jerome. He tells his story of moving to a new community believing that acceptance and understanding from his church would greet him, only to be shunned when he came out to them. What’s refreshing here is Jerome’s persistence in his belief that education would make everything well again. He also shares his theory on how the LGBTQ communities could save the churches. Jerome is a science fiction writer and you can find his work at:

Jerome’s story video is part of a series of videos from Whitehorse, YT that were facilitated by the Yukon Queer Film Alliance with the generous support of Arts Fund Yukon. YQFA is responsible for OUT North, the first queer film festival north of 60.

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  1. That was great! Thank you. I’m going to look up the letter from Birmingham Jail and also Jerome’s sic-fi work. Last night (New Year’s Eve) I was at a party talking to a guy who served as a Catholic priest for more than 20 years in New York City. He was there helping when the AIDS outbreak occurred and there working on the ground for 9/11. And then he got married to a wonderful man he met and the church kicked him out. I was drinking Prosecco so I may have the details mixed up but it was a story much like Jerome’s and I love his solution for church renewal. Happy New Year, everyone!

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