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Each workshop segment includes

  • a Facilitator’s Guide (downloaded from the story page)
  • a main story video (approximately 5 Mins.)
  • and sometimes an additional shorter video or two (1-2 Mins. each).

Before you choose a workshop please take a look at the additional documents below. They are all the things you will need to prepare for a successful workshop: An Activity List, Terms and Definitions and a Resource List as well as a session planning sheet and a 2 page handout on Allyship Practices.
We hope you find this resource helpful and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Additional Downloads:

Activities List

Activities List

A list of activities for the facilitator to change or add to the workshop sessions.



Terms and Definitions

Terms and Definitions

A compilation of all the terms and definitions from all the workshops – and a few more for good measure.



Resources List

Resources List

A compiled list of all the resources listed in all the workshops and a few more.



Facilitator's Session Plan

Facilitator’s Session Plan

A fill in the blank session planner to help you set up your next workshop.



Wrokshop HandoutWorkshop Handout

A two page take home hand out on Ally Practices.




Additional Handout from The 519 Community Centre

Additional Handout

An Additional Handout on Being and Effective Ally from the 519 Community Centre in Toronto.



Feedback FormFeedback Form

Please fill out a feedback form and email it to: lulu at This will help us immensely with the development of Gender Ally and future projects.


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