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The official line:

The goal at is to celebrate, through personal and political her/hir/thir/his/stories, the diversity within LGBTTIQQ2SA communities, to reduce negative stereotyping, build understanding and affirm the positive interaction of all communities.
Established in 2011, is a queer and trans positive, Canadian-based website. houses:

  • The Queer Story Archive: An ever-expanding collection of life experience stories on video and in text, from everyone under the rainbow and the people that love us,
  •  An online reference and support network (currently local to BC), and
  •  ‘Work it Out’: An online workbook for reducing homophobia and transphobia that will incorporate the video stories (in development).

The Queer Story Archive is accessible online and is free to watch.

From its inception, has consistently engaged with local community organizations across Canada to record stories and raise awareness.

Things to know about

  • is not incorporated as a non-profit but for the most part functions as one. The website was created and is maintained by Lulu Laru (lulu at onmyplanet dot ca) an independent videomaker.
  • This site is a private initiative and receives no public funding. Donations, membership fees and sponsorships from community organizations are graciously accepted to offset the hard costs of travel, producing the story videos and web maintenance. What is not covered by community support comes out of Lulu’s pocket.
  • is not an academic research project. The videos recorded for the site are not the result of an interview process, rather, each participant prepares their own story independently of All participants are expressing their own viewpoints and does not interpret or draw conclusions from the participants’ stories.

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