Carrie Lynn

Carrie Lynn was a police officer in Sudbury for 18 years and in 2015 moved into a management position in human resources. Carrie Lynn talks about her experience working with the transgender community members in Sudbury to train over 400 Sudbury Police officers, and update the policies and practices of the Sudbury Police Service. The results include the developing friendships between Carrie Lynn and her transgender community partners Rita and Vincent, and a video that promotes awareness of transgender issues and concerns. Their video can be seen on youtube at: Creating Awareness and Understanding of the Transgender Community

Carrie Lynn’s story is one of a series of stories collected at the Moving Trans History Forward Conference, put on by the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria in March of 2016. The MTHF conference graciously allowed to record stories on site during the conference. also be recorded stories at the MTHF 2018 conference.

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