Our Story

Onmyplanet.ca started out as a documentary video project about the community organization Creating Connections in Victoria, BC. Creating Connections was an LGBQT2 social meeting group for everyone under the rainbow and the people that love us. In the beginning, a portion of each meeting was ear marked for members of the queer and trans communities to speak to the group about their life experiences. The idea being that we all learn from each other and come away with a little more knowledge of our local LGBQT2 communities.

I (Lulu Laru) began documenting the people who spoke at the meetings some time in 2009, thinking it would make an excellent educational documentary. But then I considered what happens to most media based educational materials…Its use would be totally up to the school system, the school boards, the teachers, the parents, etc.. Given what happened with the Social Justice 12 program that was developed in BC, I didn’t have much faith in the public school system’s ability to get the video to the people who needed it. And I made it into a website – so far there are no price tags, no money walls (although we gratefully accept donations) and the whole site is accessible 24-7, around the world. This includes GenderAlly.ca – the series of small group workshops developed for trans, Two-Spirit and gender non-conforming inclusion in 2018.

We at onmyplanet.ca hope that the site and the educational materials within it will become a valuable resource for anyone seeking to better their knowledge of the LGBQT2 communities. Please share this site with everyone you know- not just the ones that need an education. Thank you.


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