Queer stories from a queer positive perspective. The goal at onmyplanet.ca is to rid the world of homophobia, transphobia and sexual prejudice, one story at a time. If your looking for the official sound bite go: Here
Onmyplanet.ca strives to dispel harmful stereotypes and show the world just how incredibly diverse and fabulous the LGBPTTIQQ2SA communities really are. Sharing our stories provides affirmation to other queer and trans identified individuals all over the world, creating a sense of community and reducing self-harm. It also allows others to experience some of our world from our own perspectives. According to research, this kind of understanding and familiarity will reduce the incidence of violence, discrimination and prejudice. Yay!!
We’re all about the love!!
So, c’mon in, get to know the folk. There are so many reasons to stop the hate and start making it better.

Do you have a trans/queer story or a trans/queer ally story that you’d like to share? Take a look at the your story page or get in touch. You can reach onmyplanet.ca at lulu at onmyplanet dot ca

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