Queer stories from a queer positive perspective. 

Onmyplanet.ca strives to dispel harmful stereotypes and show the world just how incredibly diverse and fabulous the LGBQT2 communities are – one story at a time. Sharing our stories provides affirmation to other queer and trans identified individuals all over the world, creating a sense of community and reducing self-harm. It also allows others to experience bits of our worlds from our own perspectives. According to research, this kind of understanding and familiarity will reduce the incidence of violence, discrimination and prejudice. Yay!!

The official line:
onmyplanet.ca strives to celebrate, through personal and political her/hir/thir/his/stories, the diversity within LGBQT2 communities, to build understanding, reduce negative stereotyping, and affirm the positive interaction of all communities.

Onmyplanet.ca is:

  • The Queer Story Archive: An ever-expanding collection of life experience stories on video and in text, from everyone under the rainbow and the people that love us. There are over 130 stories online as of 2018.
  •  An online reference and support network (currently local to BC).
  • GenderAlly.ca : A series of workshops developed from the personal experience stories in The Queer Story Archive in support of trans, Two-Spirit, and gender non-conforming inclusion.
  • All the resources at onmyplanet.ca are accessible online and are free to watch and use. If you find that you are loving the site for any reason, please make a donation. Donations of appropriate amounts are particularly important if utilizing any part of the site for public or institutional purposes, as is appropriate credit. Please see the fine print in the right sidebar.

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