Abby is a young trans woman who recounts the handful of things that contributed to her transition. Abby considers gender and sexuality, keeping in mind the recent social and political developments that allowed her to pick and choose her various options around transition. Her choices extend way beyond the binary of male and female. Abby expresses her gratitude for being trans at this point in history. She talks about being criticized for not being “trans enough” and considers what signals might have brought her gender issues forward somewhat sooner. Ultimately though, it’s the idea of ‘being yourself’ that resonates with her.

Abby’s story is one of a series of stories collected at the Moving Trans History Forward Conference, put on by the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria in March of 2016. The MTHF conference graciously allowed onmyplanet.ca to record stories on site during the conference. onmyplanet.ca also be recorded stories at the MTHF 2014 and 2018 conferences.

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